Go-to-Market Strategy for Crypto Companies

In retrospect, it was inevitable (Ritz Carlton at Dove Mountain)

I’m excited to announce Dove Mountain Partners, a growth agency focused on helping crypto projects launch tokens and grow networks. We’re already working with some of the top early-stage teams in the space on liquidity provisioning, content marketing, business development, and community growth. We have a long-term focus and aim to build multi-year partnerships by earning stakes in networks.

xToken is excited to share some more details on the XTK Launch Challenge, which we previewed last week. There has been a lot going on in the xToken community. XTK, xToken’s native token, hit mainnet. We also kicked off the XTK Community Vesting program, which will ultimately distribute a meaningful share of the network to the xToken community.

The challenge is designed to drive awareness of xToken products, onboard more members into the xToken community, and educate potential xToken users.


  • Let’s build 🛠 Dune Analytics dashboards, memes, videos, subgraphs — we want to see it all
  • The Prize💰 Up to…

Seasoned operators backing the next generation of crypto entrepreneurs

Free Company is a syndicate of experienced crypto operators deploying capital into early stage companies. We’ve been quietly investing since last summer and have become one of the most active early stage funds in the industry with early checks into more than twenty companies including Audius, Dune Analytics, and Notional.

Experience: The Missing Link in Crypto Capital Markets

Operators and entrepreneurs have become an increasingly large part of the venture capital market. While entrepreneurs have historically turned to investing after storied careers and large exits, that timeline has become compressed — and in many cases now overlaps. …

Who are they? Where did they come from? How did they become the xToken mascot?

The xToken Community Rises

We’re incredibly excited that xToken’s native token XTK is finally live (read more here). The XTK distribution model was designed to make sure that our community has shared upside in the network. That’s why we set aside 50% of the supply for the community, including 2% distributed to early xToken users retroactively and 8% of supply to people providing liquidity during the initial period.

As we decentralize the project, we know that XTK will prosper or perish based on community engagement. xToken wants to reward its community for all of the work it has contributed — and will continue to…

Navigating the maze of funds and recent fundraising trends

Trying to figure out which crypto funds are still in business

In September 2018, I published an overview of the crypto investor landscape and a live database of all funds actively investing in the space. I started digging into the topic because I consistently heard from entrepreneurs how challenging it was to navigate fundraising. Crypto investing was a rapidly changing world of SAFT’s, side pockets, and SPV’s into mining operations and it was far from clear which investors were reputable or what terms were reasonable.

The fundraising landscape has evolved but remains opaque. Many funds (often those raised off of 2017 ICO gains) have quietly closed shop, while new funds have…

What crypto fundraising looks like in 2020

Atomic Loans is a protocol for Bitcoin-backed loans

On Tuesday Atomic Loans made an exciting announcement — their protocol for Bitcoin-backed loans is live and they’ve raised a $2.45M seed round led by Initialized. I’ve been using the beta product for the past few months and am super stoked to finally see them launch.

Founders often have a really interesting perspective on fundraising — they’re the ones doing it! — but investor voices tend to be much louder. …

The gateway to Web3 financial products

This morning InstaDApp announced that they raised a $2.4M seed round led by Pantera. I’m really excited to have played a small part of the round.

I first chatted with Sowmay and Samyak in March — in the six months since that conversation, they have been on an absolute tear, going from <$1M to $30M+ locked in their smart contracts. I’m still blown away that they accomplished this with close to zero outside funding.

Pretty, pretty good

Financial Services in Web3

Many breakout Web 2.0 consumer fintech companies created huge value by abstracting away complexity:

  • Robinhood (6M users) makes it easier and cheaper to trade stocks
  • Wealthfront

Crypto Protocols & Developer Engagement

Since the beginning of 2015, investors have deployed billions of dollars into crypto tokens that power open-source networks. These include both tokens that power decentralized application and smart-contract platforms (eg EOS, Ethereum) and ones that power protocols built on top of these blockchains (eg 0x, Maker). These tokens are designed to align incentives among network participants and (in theory) should increase in value as network usage grows.

The token feedback loop (source: https://taylorpearson.me/fat-thin/)

A common refrain that illustrates how these token models follows as such:

  • When a token increases in value, it draws the attention of developers and speculators.
  • These developers then purchase some tokens and…

Jumbled thoughts from 3 days in Denver

I had taken notes during the three days I just spent at ETH Denver and decided to compile them into something a bit more organized. It was a great event — all of the hackers I talked to said it was the best run hackathon they had ever attended. My thoughts are below — I’ve attempted to avoid any overdone memes (eg ‘2019 is the year of buidling’) and focus on takeaways from panels and conversations.

Saturday’s Panel on Decentralized Finance

Crypto investing is getting competitive

Jake Brukhman gave a great overview of generalized mining and how CoinFund is approaching it. A ton of crypto funds have emerged over the…

Finding investors, structuring a seed round, and more

NASA scientists attempt to read an entire white paper (1961)

Despite lousy macro crypto markets, VC investment continues to flow into crypto markets, especially at the seed stage. Indeed, in the past few weeks alone companies like Risk Labs and Argent Labs have announced large seed rounds led by top tier VC funds. While these announcements tend to be well covered in the press and on Twitter, one thing that’s struck me is how rarely founders go into detail on how they successfully fundraised.

Over the past few months I’ve attempted to shed light on the fairly opaque process of early stage fundraising in crypto by writing about topics like…

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