Web3 vs Everybody

Let’s stop talking about Web3. Breakout apps need to speak for themselves.

We could all use a break from Twitter couldn’t we? (Source)

Silk Road

The good old days when an MJ record only cost 2.5BTC…
Silk Road was growing faster than Silicon Valley darlings like Uber


Speculators trading South Sea Company Shares in 1720 (Edward Matthew Ward, Tate Gallery)
Uniswap is doing similar volume to Coinbase with a fraction of the employees
  • Due to its permissionless nature, Uniswap can always spin up trading pools faster than any centralized exchange. The protocol doesn’t need to run a regulatory analysis or figure out custody.
  • Since there are zero fixed costs in adding new pools, Uniswap by definition will always support more trading pairs than a centralized exchange. Centralized exchanges have to invest in custody and market making support for any new asset.


Helium has covered a large chunk of the US in under 2 years (Source)
HNT is up 20–30x since 2020

Web3’s Path Forward

  • Helium for X — there are likely dozens of verticals where marketplaces have struggled to take off, but where token-incentives could help bootstrap growth. DIMO (Lattice portfolio company) is doing this in automotive data.
  • DeFi enabled fintech products — getting the average person onboarded into Ethereum and accessing 5–7% USD-denominated yields in DeFi still sucks. Donut has built a mobile-first gateway to DeFi yields and is growing quickly. I think we’ve just scratched the surface in making DeFi more accessible and think multiple billion dollar companies will be built here
  • Seamless DAO experiences — DAO’s have hit a cultural inflection point as ConstitutionDAO attracted the most attention the sector has ever seen. DAO’s fundamentally make it easier for people to pool attention and money online and products that make this easier are a huge opportunity.



Business Ops @CoinList. Past lives @AngelList @Handy.📍San Francisco. 🏠 New York.

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Regan Bozman

Business Ops @CoinList. Past lives @AngelList @Handy.📍San Francisco. 🏠 New York.